OV Everywhere Wallet™

Omni-Channel Wallet for Your Customers to Transact with You from Virtually Everywhere

The OV Everywhere Wallet™ is an easy, simple digital wallet container for card issuers to deliver their dynamic cards (tokens) to any smartphone.  It’s the only digital wallet made for everyone, on every device for use virtually everywhere(1). The wallet manages all of the users’ cards, controls the optional OV Valet™ Bluetooth® device for easy tap and pay experiences at 94% of all locations in the U.S. online and in-store.

For any bank or brand who has issued a credential into the Wallet, an important part of this solution is the ability for CSRs to engage in support text+voice messaging directly within the app, and for billing and/or collections staff to make a request for payment in real time.


The OV Everywhere Wallet technology is proven in hundreds of millions of phones worldwide, and is a safe and easy way for consumers to conduct safe and easy commerce virtually everywhere online and in-person, even when interacting with outdated checkout systems.

Some key differentiators include:

  • Instant-issue your cards and/or rewards directly onto your customer’s phones
  • Works on all phones, and utilizes a combination of NFC and MST to achieve 94% acceptance virtually everywhere(1) including in-store, online, and in-message/chat.
  • Patented Host Card Emulation (HCE) and Dynamic CVV2 ensures secure one-time use numbers that are not skimmable and are useless to fraudsters
  • Easy user interface ensures simple activation, suspension and resumption of functionality at user discretion
  • Text+voice chat with customer service ensures easier, safer interactions
  • In-wallet bill payment functionality facilitates payment of bills
  • Optional shielded bank account protects the user’s bank account information from any billers/collections

The OV Everywhere Wallet will soon be available in the Apple® and Google® stores. 

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Thomas Watson
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