OV Valet™

Provide Your Customers with a Branded, Universal Tap & Pay Device that Outperforms Cards

The OV Valet is a powerful Bluetooth® iOT payment device small enough to go on a keychain, but big enough to contain dozens of cards. It provides the most accepted form of digital payment virtually everywhere(1) and is designed to provide safe and easy contactless payments.  By accelerating contactless and digital pay habits, this technology both reduces fraud and increases the quality of the customer experience.

Safe and secure, this brandable fob is designed as a companion to the OV Everywhere Wallet to hold and control all payment cards(2) and works from a short distance with the press of a button. It uses breakthrough technology that works at virtually all terminals, including shops and restaurants that still use magstripe readers.

OV Valet™ - Easy, safe & secure Bluetooth® super card & tracker with universal contactless acceptance at 94% of places

The brandable Valet is 100% tokenized, more secure than swiping, and can be used as a tracker to find your wallet, keys, or phone, and costs less to issue than metal cards that would have to be reissued and specially-destroyed when skimmed or expires.  OV Valet is accepted virtually everywhere(1) (even on old magstripe point of sale terminals). Customers can store and use many cards within one device, while keeping your brand at the forefront. And within the wallet, consumers can use your card to pay easier and faster for remote bill payment and collections, and contact customer service with ease from virtually any channel.

Some key differentiators include:

  • Be top-of-mind every time your customer uses their OV Valet by branding the device for your company or campaign.
  • Users will benefit from tap and pay experiences at 94% of checkouts today, even if the point of sale system doesn’t accept NFC
  • Unlike a mobile phone, is safe to hand off to waiters and service people
  • The device is brandable for sponsoring companies. The face of the device provides enough surface area for a logo, slogan, and user guidance icons
  • MST+NFC technologies ensures a speedy transaction, while the contactless “no touch” approach is safer than swiping and dipping cards into potentially contaminated readers
  • Each transaction is 100% tokenized and transmits a 1-time-use number only upon button press. No wireless skimming is possible
  • Users can suspend payments if they lose the device, and can unsuspend it when found
  • The built-in Bluetooth tracker ensures users can find their device in close proximity or on a map, and can locate their phones even if on silent

A person buying ordinary products in a supermarket is in touch with his deepest emotions.

John Kenneth Galbraith

(1) The OV Valet technology is accepted at 94% of point of sale locations in the U.S.  The remainder systems require full insertion of a card and/or are not compatible with the smaller size of the device.

(2)We are constantly adding more financial institutions. 

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