OV Concierge Pay™

Create Live Chat Invoices, Requests for Payment and Commerce Transactions

With Concierge Pay™, your CSRs will transform your customer service and support engagements into revenue-generating transactions leveraging your existing communications rails, but with new functionality.  Additionally, enablement of higher trust and faster methods of payment, including Real Time Payments (RTP) will result in significant reductions to your transaction fees. Savings can be re-invested back into your company for further operational improvements, or can go straight to the bottom line for overall financial performance.

From your customer’s perspective, your CSRs can collect invoices with easier and better customer experiences from any existing or new channel (email, IVR, text, chat, web, app), and with any payment tender type (Credit, Debit, ACH & soon RTP).  Once the customer receives the payment request, they can pay it via their choice of entering their payment information, utilizing their card-on-file, or using their digital wallet, including the OV Everywhere Wallet™ — a universal wallet that is platform and payment-type agnostic(3) across debit, credit, ACH and (future) RTP methods using a tokenized one-time-use number to reduces fraud and risk.

This easy, fast and safe way to interact and transact elevates your CSRs to income-generating roles as “concierge agents” who increase your commerce revenues, or “liquidity agents” who deliver improved cashflow and collections.

The OV Concierge Pay solution includes:

  • CSR tools to request a payment when engaged with a customer in any platform
  • Customer tools for making payments and storing cards-on-file and/or establishing an OV Everywhere Wallet
  • Tools for sending text+voice messages to customers to facilitate communications
  • Payment confirmation viewable by CSRs without exposing the customer’s private data (PCI compliant, including more secure work-from-home experiences necessitated by global physical distancing requirements.)

OV APIs & SDKs convert calls, web, app, chat into rich multimode messaging & payment experiences.

  • Works with end-users via web, iOS & Android, no app download required.
  • Turns CSRs into Concierge Agents, can be AI-assisted if desired
  • Enhances CSAT, NPS, service and collections efficiency.

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.

Sam Walton

(3) OV’s payment solutions are device, channel and payment agnostic enablers that provide next gen commerce experiences.

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