Tap & Pay with OV Valet

A SuperCard that works virtually everywhere

OV Valet

Faster, Safer EVERYWHERE

You can Tap & Pay with secure, single-use tokens at 93% of stores and restaurants.

Using your Valet™ is faster than a chip transaction while also being safer than a swipe because each time it is used, it generates a new number that cannot be reused.

You can use the OV Wallet online and at Points of Sale virtually everywhere NFC payments are accepted.

Carry Less Cards

OV Valet is all of your cards in one digital SuperCard.

You control the order of your cards within the OV App, and when you want to use your OV Valet, you press the center once to use your primary card, or twice to use your secondary card.

In addition to storing all of your credit and debit cards, the OV App can store your membership cards, loyalty cards, other IDs and even store password hints. To make any changes or access your information, unlock the OV App with your device biometrics.

Find Your Phone & Keys

Press the OV Valet three times and it will ring your phone, even if it is on silent.

You can also ring the OV Valet from your OV App, or find its location on a map.

The OV Universal Walletâ„¢ is powered by NFC+MST. MST works with virtually all traditional point of sale systems with magnetic stripe readers. OV Universal Wallet also works on systems that accept Apple and Android NFC payments.

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