Valet Release Message

Dear OV Loop Newsletter Subscribers,

I want to personally give you an update on the progress of our OV Valet and OV Loop App — your personal credentials manager and part of OV’s Digital Identity, Payments, and Messaging platform for easier safer commerce experiences everywhere.  

As you all know, our plan was to ship the OV Valet in April. Our team has been successfully using the OV Valet in their shopping experiences, and the devices are currently being manufactured by our manufacturing partner. We remain very excited to bring these experiences to you, but our timing will be a bit off.

Our tokenization service (as part of the app) has run into delays with third-party certifications. These delays will push out our first release by approximately 45 to 60 days, and we want to let you know now rather than later.  

We remain confident on this first release of the OV Loop App that contains the wallet and the controls for the OV Valet. Upon a second release with Visa VTS certification, we will then start adding banks to enable their customers to load their tokens.
As soon as we have a committed release date, we will publish it here.

We are also excited to deliver to you our digital vault in this first release. It will provide a truly secure and private identity manager for all your digital credentials to be safely stored, and for you to use when you need them.  

Here is what we plan to release along with the initial shipment of the OV Valet. Subsequent releases will be updated over time and will automatically be pushed to you through the app store.  (Additionally, as we add banks, we will be listing them on the web and updating the community here on the Indiegogo platform in the updates section.)

Features for the initial release of OV Loop App & OV Valet: 

Your personal OV Loop Account with Secure Digital Vault: We are creating the ability for you to store credentials in the vault, including: 

  • Your payment card account numbers – Text entry for copy/paste
  • Your bank account numbers – Text entry for copy/paste
  • Your billing and shipping data – Text entry for copy/paste
  • Crypto-keys for your cryptocurrency assets – Text entry for copy/paste
  • Images of your IDs
  • Images of your membership cards
  • Password hints
  • Other text data you would like to store, such as key-entry numbers, PIN numbers, etc.

Note: The Vault will be secured using your PIN or your biometrics (fingerprint or face) if you have enabled that functionality on your phone.

OV Rewards Mastercard: The OV Wallet will contain a reloadable OV Rewards MasterCard available to everyone. To use this MasterCard, you will need to prove your identity just like with any other financial service. Once you have done that, you will be able to use it for multiple purposes, including:

  • Use it with your OV Valet to conduct contactless payments
  • Use it online, anywhere MasterCard is accepted.
  • Add funds to it with your debit account

OV Valet for pairing with your OV Loop App and your OV account.  

  • We suggest that you first load your OV Rewards Mastercard to the OV Valet, and then as we add banks to the ecosystem, they can be added not just to your wallet, but as a primary or secondary card for your OV Valet.

Bluetooth Tracker Features:

  • You will be able to triple press your OV Valet to find your phone, even if it is on silent
  • You will also be able to ring your OV Valet from the OV Loop App

Integrated OV Voice + Text Chat: OV Chat lets you send voice and text simultaneously with one tap or completely hands-free. It will enable you to easily and safely message people from your speakerphone, headphone, or even your car phone. 

Integrated Concierge Chat with the OV Loop team will be available to you through the App.

  • As banks and businesses come into the OV Loop platform, you will be able to contact them via voice + text messaging on-demand, wherever you are.

I want to thank you for the opportunity to make payments safer and easier for everyone, everywhere — and I greatly appreciate you being on this journey with me and the team at OV Loop.  Please feel free to contact us at for a personal response.


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