Using Wake Words

OV Pro headset responds to multiple wake word commands, some are available through the hardware, and others require the use of the OV Loop app.

  • OV Phone” hear a tone – then say a command to Siri or Google, depending on your phone. For example: call someone, get directions, ask trivia, play music and much more
  • OV Chat” hear a tone – then say “Message John Smith (any first and last name in your contacts)”. You’ll hear “say your message to John Smith” and just speak your message
  • OV Alexa” hear a tone – then say a command to Alexa (Note, you must first log into Alexa via the OV app, under Settings.) No need to say “Alexa”, before your command

To enable additional Wake Words on the OV App

  • Log into the Application
  • Go to Chat in lower left of the screen
  • Select the 3 bars in the upper left of the screen (Settings)
  • Select Settings
  • Select Manage Devices 
  • Assure Use Wake Words is enabled
  • Select Manage Wake Words
    • OV Headset must be connected via Bluetooth and the app for this to be available
  • Enable or disable Wake Words available

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