Install Ear Bud Fins

This article describes how to install Ear Bud’s with the Fin’s. The fins help secure the ear bud to the ear and not allow them to slide out as easily. To install the Ear Buds with Fin’s please find the ear fins which should be in a small bag in the main box or in the small box of accessories.

Remove the fins from the packaging, there is a Left and a Right Fin. Although hard to see it is embossed on the Ear fin with a L or R. The picture below should the orientation when laid out.

Remove the current ear bud from the headset by lightly grasping the ear bud at the end and pulling the ear bud off the post.

Take the Ear Bud Fin for the side you are working on and lightly push the ear bud post into the back of the Ear Bud Fin, a slight pop will be felt when it seats.

Do the same for both sides.

To install the Ear Bud Fin in the ear the Ear Bud sits in the ear as any other ear Bud, the Fin should sit Up and into the upper ear flap.Adjust until the assembly is comfortable for your particular use.

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