Change My Account Info

  • Log into the application
  • Go to Chat (Lower Left on the screen)
  • Select the 3 bars in the upper left of the screen (Settings)

My Account:

  • Select My Account
  • Under your name select edit to edit your account info change your name
  • Under About select edit to edit the about info
  • To change the picture
    • Select edit under your name
    • Select the picture
    • Select Edit on the upper right of the screen
    • Select where you would like the picture to come from or Delete the picture
  • Select Done in the upper right corner of the screen when complete

Note: You cannot change the email address or the phone number, those are linked to the account.

Pair OV Devices:

This will show you if your OV headset is paired to the application. THIS does not show the OV Valet.

Play New Messages via Bluetooth Devices:

This toggler switch will turn notifications on or off for the OV headset. THIS does not affect the OV Valet.


There are several settings:

  • Chat
  • Manage Devices
  • Log in on Alexa
  • Privacy
  • Notification
  • About

Chat Settings:

  • Play Sounds
    • On or Off
  • Media Auto-Download
    • On or Off

Clear all chats:

Select and approve (DO IT!) or abort (NEVERMIND)

Manage Devices:

  • Use Wake Words (must have OV Pro device connected in order to turn on)
    • On or Off
  • Manage Wake Words
    • Hey Alexa
      • Enabled or disabled
    • Hey OV
      • Enabled or disabled
    • Hey Siri
      • Enabled or disabled
    • Hey Google
      • Enabled or disabled
    • OV Phone
      • Enabled or disabled
    • OV Chat
      • Enabled or disabled
    • OV Alexa
      • Enabled or disabled

Log in on Amazon:

Allows the user to sign in using their Amazon Alexa account to perform tasks allowed by Amazon. You must have an Amazon account and all features or options are controlled by Amazon.

Security Settings:

Settings may be enabled or disabled

Allow others to find you by:

  • Name
  • Phone Number

Chat –

  • Show others you have read their messages

Block Contacts –

  • Shows blocked contacts

Notification Settings:

Settings may be enabled or disabled

  • Push Notification
  • Sounds Notification
  • Contact Preview
  • Message Preview
  • Group Message Preview

Reset all notifications:

  • Select to reset all notifications to default


  • App Version
  • Check for Updates
  • Logout


  • Quickstart Guide
    • OV Pro headset only
  • Support Center
    • Support Articles
  • Shop Devices
    • OV Headset only
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
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