Connecting to Amazon Alexa

From the OV Loop App

  • Open the Menu slider
  • Select Settings
  • Select Manage Devices
  • Select Log in to Amazon
  • Follow Amazon’s login steps, you may be taken to a mobile browser or the Amazon app (if installed) to validate your credentials before returning to the OV Loop app.

If you already use the Amazon App on your device, you may need to sign out for your Amazon account to work on the OV App. We suggest running the OV Loop app so that you can use Alexa directly through your OV pro headphones. We also recommend using the Amazon Alexa app to control your Amazon Music Services, preferences and other smart device configurations.

To summons Alexa once you have configured the OV app to connect to your Amazon account you can either:

  • Enable the wake words in the app and speak the command
    • Hey Alexa
    • OV Alexa
  • Press the big button on the left arm once
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