Charging Your Headset

To charge your OV Pro headphones plug the provided USB cable into the headphones port by opening the cover on the right side bottom and plugging in the USB cable. Plug the other end into a USB charging device such as your laptop, car adapter, or other USB port. The light on the headphones will turn red when charging and green when charged. The light is near the USB port on the headphones. OV Pro utilizes a USB-C charging port.

You can use your headphones while it is charging however you are limited by the cord length.

When there is a low battery, the headphones will play a prompt “low battery” about every 30 seconds.

If the headset does not charge

  • Allow up to four hours to fully charge the battery
  • A full charge powers the headphones for up to 14 hours
  • Make sure the USB connector on the cable is correctly aligned with the USB connector on the headphones
    • Disconnect the USB charging cable on both ends and reconnect
  • If your headphones have been exposed to high or low temperatures, let the headphones return to room temperature and then try charging again
  • Try using a different power source to charge the headphones
  • Before charging, be sure the headphones are at room temperature, between 41° F (5° C) and 104° F (40° C)
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