Topics: VoiceText

VoiceText Commands

  “ Message <contact name>”  send a message to the selected contact. “Delete my last message”  delete the last message you sent. You can also add “to <contact>” at the end of the phrase and OVLoop will delete the last message from that contact. “Replay my last message”  replay the last message received. You can…Read more

Replying using a VoiceText

Can I reply to messages using voice? You can use voice text to reply to your friends. They will receive both your voice note and a transcript of the audio. Can the app read my message to me? OV will read read text messages received if handsfree mode is on. It will also playback voice…Read more

Using Hands-Free

From the main menu, enable ‘Hands-Free’ mode. This will allow the speaker of your device to play out loud all incoming messages. This will allow your microphone to be active for your voicetext commands. NOTE: we currently do not support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto; this feature is designed to operate via your smartphone device…Read more

Sending a VoiceText

How to send a voice text to a single contact Tap on the Voice First icon on the main home chat screen. Say “Message” followed by the contact name. If there are more than one possible option, OV Loop will let you choose. The app will say “say your message for XXX” Say your message….Read more

What is VoiceText

Voice text allows you to communicate with your friends via short voice messages. Our voice recognition technology automatically transcribes the voice message into text in the chat window, so your friends can read it or listen to what you have to say. To use VoiceText: Tap on the microphone/voice text on the main chat screen….Read more