Topics: OV Pro

Pairing a Bluetooth Device

To pair my headphones: Hold the Play/Power button to turn on OV Pro Enable Bluetooth pairing on your mobile device Select “OVpro-xxxx” from your list of available devices Pairing Instructions for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) Make sure your mobile device’s Bluetooth is on through your device settings. Turn on your OV by pressing and…Read more

Getting the right fit

The Comply ear tip creates a gentle seal at the entrance of the ear canal. This seal is the basis for both the total noise reduction and audio performance achieved by the headphones. To fit the headphones to your ears, follow these steps: Tilt the earpiece forward so the earpiece lines up with your ear…Read more

Changing Ear Tips

OV uses the 400 Series tips (Isolation, Sport, or Comfort series) available from Comply. You can use other Ear Tips on the OVpro headphones, the Conform Ear Tips will work and must be the T400 size.

Using the headphones controls

To power on: long press (press and hold) the Power button. You will also hear the power-up notification ‘power on’. To power off: long press (press and hold) the Power button. You will also hear power-down notification that the headphones are off. The headphones and right earbud buttons have multi-function control, dependent upon how long…Read more