Topics: OV Pro

Cleaning your headphones

Keep your OV pro in optimum condition by keeping the headphones clean which is essential for safe and lasting use. Do not wear in-ear headphones if they appear dirty—keep your ear buds and ear bud tips clean. Use a dry cleaning cloth to wipe away dust and oil. Avoid exposing your OV pro to liquids,…Read more

Connecting to Amazon Alexa

From the OV Loop App Open the Menu slider Choose Settings Select ‘Log in to Amazon’ from ‘Manage Devices’ Follow Amazon’s login steps, you may be taken to a mobile browser or the Amazon app (if installed) to validate your credentials before returning to the OV Loop app. If you already use the Amazon App…Read more

Using Wake Words

OV pro responds to multiple wake word commands, some are available through the hardware, and others require the use of the OV Loop app. We are constantly adding and adjusting support for wakewords on through our product updates, native OS services, including Siri and Google can be activated using voice prompts. Use OV Chat to…Read more

Using Chat Mode

Chat Mode drops the volume level of your music/content and raises the level of ambient and voice sounds so that you can have a good and clear conversation. Single press of the right neckband button, until the Chat mode activates. A voice prompt will confirm the selection. Your music will dip to allow you to…Read more

Adjusting Active Noise Cancellation

Long press the left neckband button, until the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) adjusts. A voice prompt will confirm the selection. Noise cancelling reduces unwanted noise providing a clearer, more lifelike audio performance. You can use noise cancelling while listening to audio, or you can use noise cancelling only. NOTE: The noise cancellation or suppression will…Read more