Topics: OV Pro

No sound from earbuds

Check that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone or other device. Check that the OV is turned on and paired with your device and not another audio device. Be sure that the source volume is not set to “Off”, and that the phone’s main volume is not set too low or that the phone is…Read more

Intermittent audio from microphone/bluetooth connection

Try the following to improve your audio connection to the device: Bring your Source device to the front side of the body to eliminate body-block interference, having your Bluetooth device in a back pocket, bag or a backpack could cause loss of connection. If using product outside, try moving indoors and check connection again. Outside…Read more

Perform a Factory Reset

To restore the headphones to factory defaults, with the power on hold the 3 top right buttons (Volume +, Power, Volume -) for 5 seconds until the headphones vibrates. You will need to re-pair your headphones to the device you want to use.

Clearing the headphones pairing list

To clear the headphones paired list, with the power on hold the Left and Right Collar buttons for 5 seconds until it vibrates. Re-pair the headphones to the device you want to use.

Safety Guidelines for safe listening

Listen Responsibly For your own safety and to avoid hearing damage, make sure that the volume on your music player is turned down before connecting your OV. After placing OV in your ears, gradually adjust the volume and mixes until you reach a comfortable listening level. Noise levels are measured in decibels (dB), exposure to…Read more