Topics: OV Exec

OV exec device compatibility

OV exec is compatible with most Apple iOS and Android devices running the latest software versions. An iOS or Android device is required to operate the OV Loop app. Hardware will operate on any Bluetooth device, however our software application does not currently support: BlackBerry devices Windows devices Non-mobile devices, such as laptop and desktop…Read more

Headphones don’t turn on/charge

Be sure the headphones is powered on. Press the power button until it glows red. If the battery indicator does not illuminate, charge the headphones. Note: The headphones can be used while charging. Allow up to four hours to fully charge the battery. A full charge powers the headphones for up to 12 hours. Make…Read more

Volume adjustment out of sync with device

On iOS devices and some Android devices that fully support the AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control) Bluetooth profile, the phone and OV volume levels will stay in sync with each other no matter where adjustments are made. On other Android devices, the OV and the device will adjust volume levels separately.  This provides more possible volume…Read more

No sound from earbuds

Check that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone or other device. Check that the OV exec is turned on and paired with your device and not another audio device. Be sure that the source volume is not set to “Off”, and that the phone’s main volume is not set too low or that the phone…Read more

Intermittent audio from microphone/Bluetooth connection

Try the following to improve your audio connection to the device: Bring your Source device to the front side of the body to eliminate body-block interference, having your  Bluetooth device in a back pocket, bag or a backpack could cause loss of connection. If using product outside, try moving indoors and check connection again Outside…Read more