Topics: OV Business

Offer Redemption

Customers redeem offers either in-store or online. In Store Using the OV Loop App to browse your offers, customers are instructed to redeem the offer at your location with a representative. At that time, the customers OV Loop App will display a countdown timer which will warrant the offer discount from the representative. When the…Read more

Browsing Your Offers Library

All Offers are saved for later use or later reference. Once signed into your OV Business Portal, select the Offers tab from the navigation bar. This page provides a view of all offers from your business. The offers display page lists four (4) searchable criteria, which is linked to offers. Use the search bar in…Read more

Sign-Up for an OV Business Account

Go to > click Sign-Up. Enter your First name, Last Name and Mobile Phone Number Enter and confirm your email address, create a password > click Next. Enter your business and personal information. Select your business type from the drop-down. Click Continue. You’ll be asked to input your personal and business information and to answer a few questions to…Read more