Types of Offers

Offers provide a simple platform to reach distinct users in different ways. Choose one of the following categories for each offer.

Redemption Setting

  • In-Store

Customers are instructed to come to your physical location before redemption. This offer type drives foot traffic and lends incredible control over the discount offering, of which there are two types (Dollar Discount, Percent Discount).

In both discount types you are required to list the Discount Amount (either in a dollar amount or percentage amount). You’ll also be able to list the original price of a product or service, which limit’s the offer to the specific item and its price. If an Original Price is not set, the Discount Amount will count toward the customers total bill.

  • Online URL

For businesses who provide offers through other websites (i.e. your website, ebay, amazon, etsy, etc.), online redemption provides a platform for these offers in the OV Loop App.

After selecting “Redeem Online”, enter an existing offer URL. When customers select your offer in the OV Loop App, an in-app web browser will open the URL. If customers have uploaded a debit/credit card previously, they’ll have the option save and reuse payment data.

Publish Setting

  • Public

Public offers are published to the entire OV community. OV Loop App users who are not subscribed to your Loop can view and share these offers; they can also discover these offers when searching keywords.

Strategy: The best public offers highlight your most popular products/services.

  • Users in my Loop

Semi-private offers are only visible to your Loop subscribers. They appear in the “Offers” tab of the OV Loop app.

Strategy: Create “Users in my Loop” offers with greater discounts to incentivize customers to stay in your loop. When creating a Loop-subscriber offer, tell OV Loop app users this offer is just for them in the “Terms and Conditions” field.

  • Private Sharing Only

Private offers are not posted in your OV Loop App “Offers” tab. OV Loop App users may only view a private offer if it is sent to them via a chat or Chat Blast.

Strategy: Create special offers to send customers in service recovery, reward and membership retention situations.

  • Save as Draft

Save an offer as a draft if it’s incomplete or not ready to be distributed. You can find all offers (active and inactive) in the Business Portal under the “Offers” tab. Here, you can complete and/or publish offers when you so choose.

Strategy: Create your seasonal/holiday offers for the entire year. When they become relevant, change them from Draft to a more public publish setting.