The following settings are available from the Settings section of the menu.

  • Chat settings
    • Play soundsfor messages a sound will notify you of a new chat message.
    • Media Auto-Download – automatically download media to the library of your device.
  • Clear all Chats – erases all chats (people, groups & businesses) on the app.
Manage Devices:
  • Use Wake Words – for OV Pro headphones users, this will enable wake words to be enabled.
  • Manage wake words – for OV Pro headphones users, this will allow control over the wake words that can be used with OV Loop App.
  • Check for Updates – manually check to see if an update is available for your OV Pro.
  • Log in/Log out of Amazon – for connecting your Amazon account to OV Loop App; this will allow Alexa to operate with your OV exec or OV Pro headphoness.
  • Allow Others to find me by:
    • Name – allow others to find you by Name
    • Phone Number – allow others to find you by phone number
  • Show Read Receipt – show others I have read the message
Blocked Contacts:
  • Display or add a contact to the blocked list.
Notification Settings:
  • Push Notifications – receive a notification for new messages.
  • Sound Notifications– receive an audible alert for new messages
  • Contact Preview – view the senders’ name on the push notification
  • Message Preview – preview the message in the push notification
  • Group Message Preview – preview group message in push notification
  • Reset all Notifications – reset to default
  • Clear Cache and saved data – in  the event of an issue with the app, or if you wish to clear out your information.
  • Log out – End your session and log out of the app.
How to block a person:
  • From and existing chat screen, tap on the name of the contact at the top of the name.
  • The contact info screen will be displayed.
  • Select Block user.
  • Confirm on the dialog box.