PermissionOV Use
Directly call phone numbersAllow switch to GSM call, by user request only
Read phone status and identityProtect GSM calls
Edit your text messages (SMS or MMS)Registration
Read your text messages (SMS or MMS)Registration
Receive text messages (SMS)Registration
Send SMS messages“Invite a Friend” feature
Take pictures and videosCamera access
Record audioMicrophone access
Approximate location (network-based)Location attachments
Precise location (GPS and network-based)Location message
Modify your contactsEdit contacts, by user request only
Read call logInactive permission*
Read your contactsContacts sync
Read your social streamInactive permission*
Write call logInactive permission*
Write to your social streamInactive permission*
Modify or delete the contents of your USB storageDelete message content, by user request only
Disable your screen lockIncoming calls, quick reply
Add or remove accountsOV account management
Create accounts and set passwordsOV account management
Find accounts on the deviceOV account management
Read Google service configurationGoogle maps display
Use accounts on the deviceContacts sync
Change network connectivityMaintain online status
Full network accessMaintain online status
Google Play billing serviceIn-app purchases
Receive data from InternetMaintain online status
View network connectionsMaintain online status
View Wi-Fi connectionsMaintain online status
Bluetooth settingsBluetooth compatibility
Pair with Bluetooth devicesBluetooth compatibility
Close other appsIncoming call
Retrieve running appsMaintain online status
Run at startupStart with system boot
Draw over other appsMinimized call window
Control vibrationNotifications
Prevent phone from sleepingMaintain online status
Set wallpaperDevice background
Change your audio settingsCall quality
Read sync settingsSync account
Read sync statisticsSync account
Toggle sync on and offSync account
Modify system settingsMaintain Wifi connection in sleep mode
Send sticky broadcastNotifications
Test access to protected storageSD card access


PermissionOV Use
MicrophoneMaking calls and recording voice and video messages
CameraTake pictures and videos and make video calls
ContactsConnects to your phone book to contact people through OV
Location servicesLocation attachments and messages
Photo/ video libraryShare images or choose media for backgrounds
Push notificationsBe notified about incoming calls and messages
CallKitEnsure that incoming calls are unified with iOS