OV Loop and the new OV App

Starting today, OnVocal is now OV Loop (but you can call us OV for short).

Our OV Team has had a busy year growing our business and furthering our mission to facilitate better relationships for people between people  and businesses.

We know that the best relationships are built on a foundation of great communication. And we know our daily communication and commerce, rather than is filled with frustration and  friction. So At OV, We have created a completely new, voice-powered channel to communicate, engage and transact that facilitates better relationships for both people and businesses everyone.

OV makes it faster, safer and easier for people  to interact and transact every day with each other and the businesses they choose, by combining the latest technologies of voice-powered communications, AI-assisted engagement and identity-based transactions.

We did remove the sound mixing features in the outgoing app (v1.7), but you can still mix sounds, and command Alexa, Siri and Google with the buttons on the OV headphone (OV exec) just like before.

In addition, we’ve changed our account sign-up process, you will be asked to create an OV account upon app update. Your previous account credentials will not work on the new app.

We’ll be sharing more news in the coming months so stay tuned!