Offer Redemption

Customers redeem offers either in-store or online.

In Store

Using the OV Loop App to browse your offers, customers are instructed to redeem the offer at your location with a representative. At that time, the customers OV Loop App will display a countdown timer which will warrant the offer discount from the representative. When the timer ends, the offer is no longer redeemable. OV does not require integration to a POS system, offers need to be manually discounted at the point of sale/check out.

Note: Valid offers will always display an active countdown. If the OV Loop App is not counting down, do not honor the offer and refer the customer to OV Customer Service.


Online offers require an existing offer with an online checkout mechanism.

The OV Loop App displays your online offers to customers, then uses an in-app web view to display your chosen offer URL.

Customers do not need to be in-store for online redemption, they can “check out” from anywhere. Offers must be linked from a valid eCommerce provider (i.e. your website, ebay, amazon, etsy, etc.).