The Dashboard is displayed upon signing into the OV Loop Business Portal. Utilize the navigation bar along the top of the screen to move through the the portal’s various functions and subfunctions, including:

  • Chat Support – Opens ticket and Chat manager in a separate tab, where users communicate with customers.
  • Chat Automation – A drop down of three options screens, including “Canned Responses” manager, “Grow your Loop” instructions, and “Why Join my Loop” settings.
  • Offers – Opens the Offers manager page, where users view existing offers and create new offers.
  • Chat Blast – Opens the Chat Blast manager, where users view existing chat blasts and create new chat blasts.
  • My Loop – Opens the customer manager, where users add, and manage customers who join their Loop.
  • Account Settings – Opens the personal setting page where users view their own personal and payment information.
  • Business Settings – Opens the business settings page where users view, edit, and save business information and other permissible users.