Intermittent audio from microphone/Bluetooth connection

Try the following to improve your audio connection to the device:

Bring your Source device to the front side of the body to eliminate body-block interference, having your  Bluetooth device in a back pocket, bag or a backpack could cause loss of connection.
If using product outside, try moving indoors and check connection again
Outside usage does not have the benefit of boundary reflection or reflective surfaces, so you may be more likely to experience dropouts.

Be sure the Bluetooth headphones is within range of the device
If the distance between the Bluetooth headphones and the device becomes too great, you will notice signal drops. Be sure the Bluetooth headphones is within the recommended 30 foot proximity of the paired device.

Try another Bluetooth source

If a different Bluetooth source doesn’t exhibit the same issue, the problem is with the source device.

Check the cellular reception of the phone

A poor or weak connection to the cell service could cause poor audio quality while on a call.

Please Note: The human body can act as a source of interference for Bluetooth and radio signals. Bluetooth sources positioned immediately next to a person (in a pocket, for example) may result in intermittent or loss of connection. For best results have the Bluetooth source closer to the product (i.e. in a front pocket) to reduce the potential for “body-block” interference.