Create a Chat Blast

Chat Blasts distribute information to some or all of your Loop subscribers. Communication’s show up as a chat from your business.

  1. Sign into your OV Business Portal.
  2. Select the Chat Blast tab from the navigation bar along the top of the screen.
  3. Select the New Chat Blast button
  4. Setting Content
    • Enter basic information (Chat Blast Name,  Chat Blast Text). Chat Blast Name is how you will recognize the Chat Blast, stored in your library. Chat Blast Text is the message, which will be sent to your customers.
    • Select attached content. Chat Blasts can be sent as text-only, with an offer from your library, with an image from your computer, or with a URL.
  5. Select the Next button along the bottom of the page
  6. Setting Recipients

Select the Next button along the bottom of the page. Your Chat Blast is now saved and accessible from the “Chat Blast” tab.