Connecting to in-flight entertainment systems

In-flight entertainment systems typically have a 3.5 mm headphone jack in the armrest. To use OV exec, you will need to use the included line-in cable; however if you don’t have the line-in cable available, you can use a Bluetooth audio adapter to transmit the signal from the headphone jack to your wireless headphones. Bluetooth audio adapters are made by many different companies and can be found at multiple retailers. Some adapters can receive and/or transmit an audio signal. Be sure to purchase an adapter that transmits a signal. If it’s just a receiver, it will not work. Also, there may be a delay in audio when using these adapters, which could lead to the video and audio being slightly out-of-sync.

We recommend using the line-in cable when using in-flight entertainment systems.

NOTE: when using line-in, bluetooth functionality is disabled.

NOTE: some airlines may prevent the use of Bluetooth accessories in-flight.