Connecting to in-flight entertainment systems

In-flight entertainment systems typically have a 3.5 mm headphone jack in the armrest. To use OV pro, you will need to use the included line-in cable; however if you don’t have the line-in cable available, you can use a Bluetooth audio adapter to transmit the signal from the headphone jack to your wireless headphones. Some adapters can receive and/or transmit an audio signal. Be sure to purchase an adapter that transmits a signal. If it’s just a receiver, it will not work. Also, there may be a delay in audio when using these adapters, which could lead to the video and audio being slightly out-of-sync.

We recommend using the line-in cable when using in-flight entertainment systems.

NOTE: when using line-in, bluetooth functionality is disabled.

NOTE: some airlines may prevent the use of Bluetooth accessories in-flight.