Chatting with a Contact

  • Tap on the + icon while on the People tab
  • Select a contact from your frequently contacted, search or browse your address book.
  • Your Chat will begin, you can now share text, video, audio, location, a contact or a voice message.

Sending a message to a contact without the app

OV loop automatically detects contacts without the app and sends your contact an SMS link to an instant, web-based instant message communication, no installation required.

NOTE: Only text messages can be shared with non-OV Loop users, however they will receive a link which allows them to immediately be part of the conversation, even if they don’t have OV Loop App.

Contact Information

Tap the Contact Name to view the full contact info.

The following settings are available for the conversation.

Contact Communications

  • Video Calltap to video call this contact
  • Call – tap to call this contact
  • Chat Search – search through this chat history
  • Mute – mute notifications from this conversation

Save Media to Camera Roll

  • Default (On) – saved to camera roll
  • Always – always save media to camera roll
  • Never – no media is saved, you may experience no images or media being saved in your conversation

Groups in Common – (only appears when a group chat is active with the same contact), view the list of group conversations.

Clear Conversation – erase the conversation history with this contact.

Block User – blocks any further conversations from this contact.

Unfriend Contact remove this contact from your contacts list.

Delete Chat – erase the conversation history, and delete the chat from your conversation list.