Calling a Contact

Option 1

  • While on the chat screen, tap on the Phone or Video icon at the top right.

Option 2

  • Tap on the Voice First icon on the main screen.
  • Say “Call” followed by the contact name.

You can only call a contact who is a user of the OV Loop App.

Adding more people to an existing call

To include additional parties to an existing video or audio call, by choosing ‘Add Friend’.

Group calls are only supported by contacts.

You can only add individual users to a group call, a different group may not be added to a current group call.

Message someone while in a call

Tap on the chat icon on the call screen, send your message. Once you are done, click on the phone or video icon to return to the call.

Unanswered/Failed Call Options

If your call cannot be completed with a contact, you can:

  • Send a voice message
  • Call Again
  • Cancel the call to return to the home screen