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OV Everywhere Wallet™


ov everywhere wallet - for payments everywhere

As part of the new OV Loop App, the OV Everywhere Wallet makes payments fun, easy and cool, while shielding your credit card and bank account information so that it can’t be stolen or used without your permission.

All phones, all places, all the ways you pay

  • Ditch your bulky wallet: Store and use all of your cards(2) from one app, and use them easily in-person and online
  • Cards can be issued and re-issued directly to your wallet without having to wait for a plastic (or metal) card. Use them immediately. See if your bank is issuing new credit accounts to the OV Everywhere Wallet.(2)
  • Easy, fast and safe purchases are a reality because we generate a one-time code that protects your payment information from being stolen and reused
  • Our dedicated remote payment account shields your true/real banking information from payors so that they cannot pull money without your explicit approval.
  • Once you are in the Everywhere Wallet, it’s easy to store your payment information with trusted billers for easy one-tap or voice payments in the future.
  • Plus! Manage your optional OV Valet™ payment fob: Load cards, suspend if lost, unsuspend when found, and enjoy the connected card experience that let’s you leave all of your cards at home.

Amazing Features

OV Everywhere wallet makes life safer and payment easier, everywhere.

Earn rewards

Earn cash rewards deposited directly into your OV Loop debit card for immediate use


Safer and easier bill payments with one-time use numbers from your digital wallet

Shop anywhere

Accepted everywhere you see an NFC symbol. Add the OV Valet to be accepted virtually everywhere*

Integrated customer service and bill payments

  • Integrated customer service text+voice messaging means being put on hold for a long time is a thing of the past.
  • You can instantly engage in a chat with a representative via text, voice, or both (your choice) when you need them, and they will reply with an answer in the app
  • Then you can opt to go handsfree in the chat, and hear the resolution from the representative in real time, even if it is 10 seconds, 10 minutes, or 10 hours later before they get you the answer you need. No need to be on hold on the phone, or play phone tag with regarding a resolution to your problem. Just hear and reply to their response at your convenience.
  • Integrated bill payment (credit, debit, your bank account, or your shielded bill pay account) generates a one-time-use number makes paying recurring bills easy and safe
  • Integrated person-to-person chat with your friends, colleagues, and businesses means you can voice chat everywhere at any time, including while on the go, in the car, or while multitasking

How It Works?

Download it for free

Download and install the OV Loop App from Apple or Google Play

Create your account

Create your account and add your cards to the wallet

Enjoy this App

Safely and easily shop and pay your bills

Our Special Features

The Everywhere-Commerce App with OV Wallet & Chat, stores all your credentials, 1-Tap or Hands-free payments and chats with people and businesses from virtually everywhere.

OV Wallet

Safely store your credit cards, bank accounts, membership, loyalty and identification cards all in one place.

OV Wallet

Use on any device, for faster, safer checkout.

OV valet

Tap & Pay safely virtually everywhere. Accepted at 94% of locations. Easily manage cards through OV Wallet.

OV Valet

Find keys and find phone, even when the phone is on silent!

OV Chat

1-Tap or Hands-free messaging. High quality audio file of your voice along with a transcribed message.

OV Chat

Super clear calls and video quality from anywhere around the world.

Meet OV Everywhere Wallet

Get an overview of some of the wallet's features


Pay with OV Valet - Works at 94% of POS systems.

Pay with Phone - Select the card you want to use and hold your phone near the point of sale system to complete transaction

Payment Cards - Store all of your payment cards in one place.  Easily add and delete.

Bank Accounts - Add all your bank accounts to your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Everywhere Wallet works at every location that accepts NFC payments, including your favorite stores, restaurants and more!

It's easy! Select "add a card" and type in the your card number and CCV number, click save, and you are done.

Select the card from the wallet by taping its picture, and the most recent transactions will be displayed on your screen.

When we launch we should have some banks signed up, and then gradually add more banks. Best of all, the Valet will have a dedicated OV payment card that can be used by anyone, anywhere.  

Still have questions?  Visit our support page.

Our App is coming soon!

Be one of the first to know when the OV Loop App with the Everywhere Wallet and handsfree voice+text messaging for people and businesses if available. And if you have an OV Valet, the OV Loop App will give you the power to configure, enable,  suspend, and find your Valet at the touch of a button.  

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(1) The OV Valet technology is accepted at 94% of point of sale locations in the U.S.  The remainder systems require full insertion of a card and/or are not compatible with the smaller size of the device.

 (2)We are constantly adding more financial institutions. Don’t see your favorite bank? Contact us to let us know, and we will share with your bank that you and others like you want them to participate in our platform. We will contact you when they go live.

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