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OV Valet™

# PayWithValet

Tap & Pay Everywhere with OV Valet

The OV Loop App with the OV  Wallet and OV Valet makes payments fun, easy and cool, while shielding your payment information so that it can’t be stolen or used without your permission.

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All phones, all places, all the ways you pay

  • The OV Valet fob is small enough for your keychain, and large enough to be accepted virtually everywhere(1)
  • It’s a contactless payment device that works at 94% of shops, restaurants, and your favorite places – even those where you don’t expect it to work (like old magnetic swipe machines, soda machines, street vendors, and “mom and pop” places.)
  • You no longer have to worry about being embarrassed because your wallet isn’t accepted, because the the OV Valet is managed through the OV Wallet and works with all smart phones and all carriers in the U.S.

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Amazing Features

OV Valet makes life safer and payment easier, everywhere.

Shop Anywhere

The OV Valet can process your transactions at 94% of point of sale systems.

Secure transactions

Protect yourself from skimming. Feel comfortable handing your valet to waitstaff.

Find your phone

Find your phone with a push of a button on your valet. Or, find your valet through the OV App.

See OV valet

See OV Valet in action and learn more

Security and safety

  • Security is paramount and so the OV Valet is super secure. Each time it is used, it generates a one-time use card number called a “token”. There is no credit card number to steal and re-use.
  • The OV Valet is optimized for universal contactless payments, meaning you do not have to touch a payment terminal in the store.
  • The device only transmits payment information when you press the button near the checkout device, making skimming and remote reading of your card no longer an issue
  • Managed with our companion wallet, the OV Valet can be configured, suspended, and reactivated at the touch of a screen.
  • A built-in locator means you can find your keyfob (close buy, or on a map) or find your phone (even when it is on silent)

How It Works?

Pair the valet

Pair the Valet through the OV Loop App - (Coming Soon!)

Press the button

Tap and pay virtually anywhere

You're in Control

Suspend and unsuspend with the click of a button

Our Special Features

The OV Valet integrates with the OV Loop App, including the OV Wallet and OV Chat!

OV Wallet

Usable across devices and places people shop. It is securely backed up in the cloud, and is the next-generation in digital payments.

OV Wallet

Use on any device, for faster, safer checkout.

OV valet

Tap and Pay safely virtually everywhere. Accepted at 94% of your favorite locations to shop, eat, buy gas and more.

OV Valet

Find keys and find phone, even when the phone is on silent!

OV Chat

1-Tap or Hands-free messaging. High quality audio file of your voice along with a transcribed message.

OV Chat

Super clear calls and video quality from anywhere around the world.

Meet OV Valet

Get an overview of some of valet's features 

Transmit one time use tokens for secure payments.

Push once to select primary card.  Push twice to select secondary card.

Small size fits on any keychain

Frequently Asked Questions

Press once for primary card, press twice for secondary card.

Push the "Find my Device" button on your phone in the wallet app.  If you Valet is within range, it will ring.  If it is out of range, a map will show you where your device was last active.

Push the button on the Valet three times and your phone will ring, even if on silent.

Still have questions?  Visit our support page.

Get Our Beta App!

Be one of the first to download the OV Loop App with the OV Wallet and handsfree voice+text messaging for people and businesses. And if you have an OV Valet, the OV Loop App gives you the power to configure, enable,  suspend, and find your Valet at the touch of a button.  

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(1) The OV Valet technology is accepted at 94% of point of sale locations in the U.S.  The remainder systems require full insertion of a card and/or are not compatible with the smaller size of the device.

 (2)We are constantly adding more financial institutions. Don’t see your favorite bank? Contact us to let us know, and we will share with your bank that you and others like you want them to participate in our platform. We will contact you when they go live.

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