OV Loop App™

A better wallet and rewards app to shield your payment data and earn rewards

Enjoy your own, private wallet and messenger app that puts you in control of your data and relationships, with 1-tap payments, 1-tap rewards, and 1-tap/hands-free chat.

The integrated OV Rewards Card Mastercard enables you to shield your private banking and payments information with a proxy card that generates a one-time use number for each transaction.


Shop securely with your OV Rewards Card. It creates a fresh, 1-time-use CVC for each transaction, keeping your payment info safe.


Add an OV Valet payment fob to checkout virtually everywhere while protecting your payment information.


Store all your membership, loyalty, and gift cards here. Backup and display your cards from your phone.


Use your OV REWARDS CARD as a proxy card to protect your payment and banking information online and in-store!


Safely store your bank accounts all in one place for bill payment and money transfers.


Store usernames, passwords, notes and anything else. Your data is encrypted with your personal key. Only you have access!

The OV Loop Rewards Card Protects Your Privacy

Shop securely with the OV Loop Rewards Mastercard. It generates a 1-time-use card+CVC number to protect your payment info, making it private. By earning cash rewards and/or loading funds from your debit account or bank account to the OV Loop card, you can protect yourself from fraud because the number is refreshed each time it is used

Lockbox secure storage

With the OV Loop Lockbox, you can store all of your passwords, keys, and key phrases in a cryptographically-secured individual digital vault that only you can access.

Not even the OV Loop system administrators or security teams can access the data you store here.

It’s an excellent place to store:

  • Passwords
  • Alphanumeric security keys
  • Alphanumeric NFT keys
  • Wallet recovery phrases

… or any other complex and secure credentials that you want to keep private and secure.

ID and Membership Cards

All of your IDs and membership cards are easily accessible when you store them in the OV Loop App. No more need to put them in your wallet, attach them to your keyring, or store them in your photo album.

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