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At OV Loop, we are on a mission to provide premium products that enable amazing commerce and messaging experiences everywhere

OV Loop is a whole new voice-powered communications and commerce platform for people and businesses to better interact, transact and build relationships. It’s not just about financial transactions, it’s about how you feel when you get the benefit of more empowerment and deeper relationships with your banks, favorite brands, groups and people you care about.


OV Everywhere Wallet™ and the OV Valet™ super card that replaces all of your cards

We believe:

  • Paying for the goods and services you love should be stress-free, safe, and easy (and maybe even fun!) Worrying about your payment information being stolen is a thing of the past.
  • Tap and pay should work everywhere, at all of your favorite stores, restaurants and businesses. Gone are the days of being embarrassed when you try to check out with your phone and it’s not accepted.
  • Economic equality is important and having a digital wallet that works on any smartphone, with any carrier, for anyone, is in the best interest of everyone. You don’t have to buy the latest phone or have the best carrier in order to have amazing payment experiences. Our apps and products work on all smartphones and with all U.S. carriers.
  • Tap and pay virtually everywhere(1) from any smart phone, even at older checkouts in local restaurants and stores
  • Make online purchases and pay bills with one-time-use numbers that protect your core debit and credit account
  • Pay your bills from a shielded bank account that safeguards access to your checking and savings account (2)
  • Leave your credit cards at home. The OV Valet is safe to give to waiters at restaurants, knowing that it cannot be skimmed, you will see the transaction in your wallet, and you can suspend its function in real-time anytime you desire

solutions for people

As part of the new OV Loop App, the OV Everywhere Wallet makes payments fun, easy and cool, while shielding your credit card and bank account information so that it can’t be stolen or used without your permission.

coming soon!

Easier & safer payments just about everywhere.

Tap and pay virtually everywhere with OV Valet. More secure than swiping, faster and more safe than dipping.  Always tokenized and require button press to avoid skimming. It also has a built-in key and phone finder function.

coming soon!

Live a voice-powered lifestyle with handsfree messaging, calls and entertainment. Command your favorite assistants – Alexa®, Google Assistant®, Siri® and chat handsfree with the OV Loop App whenever you want and wherever you are.

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Our foundation includes significant innovations in payments, tokens, messaging, IoT/smart devices, communications, and much more.

The videos below show the consumer experience as they interact with some of our solutions that are now part of the broader ecosystem. Enjoy!

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(1) The OV Valet technology is accepted at 94% of point of sale locations in the U.S.  The remainder systems require full insertion of a card and/or are not compatible with the smaller size of the device.

(2)We are constantly adding more financial institutions. 

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