There may not be many people who can handle a day like yours. But the OV Exec can.

Like you, OV Exec works efficiently, goes anywhere, accomplishes almost anything, and stays connected. It travels with you while you’re making calls, taking your morning commute, listening to your favorite content at the gym or cooking up your favorite recipe at home. We engineered premium audio and voice into one streamlined, multifunctional device that can keep up with your day on a single charge.

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OV Exec

Something’s wrong when you’re working and your voice assistants are sitting around doing nothing.

Wait a second…you’re on the go, and your favorite voice assistants are sitting at home in speakers on the counter? Or they can’t perform reliably when used through your mobile device? Put them to work. With OV Exec, you can tap into the convenience, functionality and entertainment of Alexa, Siri and Google while you tackle your busy day.

Reading about our OV Exec technology is one thing. Hearing it is another.

Balanced armature speakers deliver high-output, extended bass and impeccable detail. Dual binaural MEMS mics controlled by the Ambient button allow you to hear what’s happening around you in true 3D sound so you can tune in or out of your surroundings. The Alexa and Siri/Google buttons provide one-tap access to millions of songs, audiobooks, and radio stations.


Our amped up audio ensures you don’t miss a word. Or a beat.

OV Exec utilizes beam forming voice pickup to create crystal clear vocal and listening experiences on both sides of a phone call. You can use the Ambient button to adjust the amount of background noise you hear during conversations. Plus, thoughtfully considered details like the Quick Mute feature help you jump in and out of conversations without disruption…great for taking conference calls on the go.

OV ProOV ExecBose QC30Apple AirpodsBose QC35Beats Solo3
Hands-free VoiceChats™
Voice-Activated Multi Assistant
Boom Mic + Voice Feedback*
Noise CancelationActivePassiveActiveActivePassive
Mute Calls
3-D Ambient and Chat Mode*
Alexa Voice & Music
Siri & Google Button
Line-in for flights & PCs
Battery: Continuous Talk/Play Time14hrs8-10 hours10hrs4-5 hours>19 hours>19 hours

* Patented or Patent Pending

OV Exec

Talk. Listen. Command. For hours.

Fourteen hours, to be specific.

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