OV Concierge

Voice-powered multimode messaging and payment solution for service organizations

Increase NPS, CSAT, and service efficiency

OV Conciergeā„¢ is a voice-powered multimode messaging and payment solution for CSRs to become concierge agents to better service, engage and transact with customers. The solution includes APIs / SDKs to convert customer service requests from existing business channels (calls, emails, web/app chats) to OV multimode messaging with voice, text, video, images and in-chat payment, enabled for AI.

Reach customer service agents 10 times faster than calls

Enable 3 times more concurrent conversations than calls

End-users message 5 times faster than traditional texting

Live Chat Support

1-tap or handsfree multi-mode messaging with voice-with-text protocol

Multi-mode Engagement

Both hearable and readable content

Media Support

Supports multi-media, image and video sharing

Form Support

Built in Form support for custom data gathering

Integrated Payments

Enables in-message payment transactions

No app download

Works with 100% of users without downloading

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