Voice Powered Messaging and Payments

We help you close the relationship loop and get you back to the basics - real contacts, real relationships, real efficiency.

OV Biz

OV Biz offers businesses a powerful software tool for agents to better service customers, including APIs / SDKs to convert existing support calls, emails, web/app chats into multimode concierge services, that include text, voice, video, images and in-message payments. Reduce expensive and frustrating customer service calls, increase NPS and CSAT.

OV Biz allows businesses to:

  • Convert support calls to interactive voice chats for 100% of mobile customers, with no app download required, but desired for ongoing bi-directional engagement
  • Customers can reach agents 10 times faster than calls
  • Enable 3 times more concurrent conversations than calls
  • Customers can message 5 times faster than texting
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OV Pay

OV Pay (coming soon) provides universal payment in-store, online, in-app, or in-chat, to help banks, merchants and customers reduce friction and fraud. It leverages existing payment rails and merchant checkout solutions. OV enables tokenized contactless payments, plus single-use dynamic security codes for online commerce. Consumers can store all of their credentials safely in one place and use them for physical or remote commerce, plus receive cash back rewards from selected merchants.

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OV for Financial Institutions

Despite massive adoption of mobile messaging and digital banking, the U.S. end-user messaging & payment experience remains highly fragmented and complex.

  • Text remains the #1 consumer messaging method
  • Calls remain the primary customer service method
  • Plastic cards with static card numbers remains the primary POS and Online payment methods
  • Fraud continues to escalate in the digital world

Financial Institutions can partner with OV to create next generation customer experiences. We are a bank-friendly, FinTech provider with breakthrough messaging and payment services that will help you strengthen your existing customer relationships and accelerate new contactless and digital payment habits. Increase customer satisfaction and retention while increasing the quality of the overall experience across consumers and merchants with a device-agnostic (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac) business chat solution that is also channel-agnostic (convert from Calls, Own App & Web, Email, Text and OV App) and payment method-agnostic (online, in-app, in-message, in-store, NFC, MST, QR, RTP, etc.).

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