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We help you close the relationship loop and get you back to the basics - real contacts, real relationships, real efficiency.

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OV Business

Voice powered customer service

The fastest way for businesses to convert incoming phone calls to rich and engaging multimedia chat. Simply direct users to “Press 1” and convert users to OV Web Chat.

Convert chats to lasting relationships.

Keep your customers in the loop beyond their first interaction. OV allows you to send exclusive offers to your loyal customers enhancing your relationships.

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OV Chat

1-Tap secure payments from anywhere

OV Pay helps customers quickly and safely transact in-stores, online, in-app, and in-chat, with 1-Tap. Transform static card numbers into dynamic single-Use tokens for seamless physical and remote payments.

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A whole new voice powered digital channel

OV closes the relationship and commerce loop. Communicate more efficiently your customers, handle high call volumes, increase conversion rates, and stay connected to your audience in a whole new way.

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