OV is Voice Power

The fastest, safest messaging app on the planet, powered by your voice.

OV App delivers a whole new way to send a voice and text message simultaneously with 1-Tap or completely hands-free, the patent pending innovation is called “OV”. Tap the OV button for a contact, speak, and your message is sent. Unlike error prone “voice to text” that requires you to look at your screens and correct mistranslations, or sending “voice files” that annoy recipients who cannot read it, “OV” combines the best of text and voice, with the convenience of 1-Tap or voice commands to initiate the message.

You can “OV” any of your contacts, even if they don’t have the OV App. Recipients will receive the text in a SMS, with a link to hear the sender’s voice and join OV Loop if they wish.

OV is voice power
Voice is fast

Voice is Fast

OV sends your true voice and transcribed text simultaneously with 1-Tap, or completely handsfree. Just tap, speak, and send. Power of voice with the convenience of text.

Voice is Human

Hear true emotions and meaning. Whether you’re sharing big news with a friend or looking for help from your favorite business, OV is a faster, more human way to communicate.

Voice is human
Voice is safe

Voice is Safe

OV each other without ever looking down, correcting mistakes or reading a word. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. The OV Pro headphones pair with the OV app for a handsfree experience.

A Whole New Voice Powered Digital Channel

OV closes the relationship and commerce loop. Communicate more efficiently with friends and business, stop waiting on hold, and pay with one tap directly from your chat.

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Why just OV when you can OV with video?

An OV voice chat lets you do a lot more than just sending simultaneous voice and text messages. You can also video chat with friends, attach pictures, and send emojis for richer exchanges.