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What kinds of transactions are not allowed with the OV Loop Rewards MasterCard? in OV Loop App
Jun 28th 22

While we at OV Loop want you to be able to use your money and our services freely and without worry, there are several transaction types we have disabled for security and compliance: Money Transfer ...

Can I use the app without a screen lock enabled? in OV Loop App
Mar 29th 22

No, you cannot use the app without enabling a screen lock on either iOS or Android. This is a necessary security feature to protect your funds and your data. All traditional screen locks are ...

How do I update my OV Valet? in OV Valet
Mar 15th 22

The OV Loop App will automatically check for updates for the OV Valet and notify you if there are any available. If you would like to manually check for updates, or view the firmware version you are ...

What kinds of cables work with the OV Valet? in OV Valet
Mar 15th 22

Only Micro-USB cables work with the OV Valet.

How do I charge my Valet? in OV Valet
Mar 15th 22

There is a micro-USB cable included with the Valet for charging, though any micro-USB cable will work for charging as needed. To charge the OV Valet, please do the following: Insert the micro-USB end ...

What do the different LED colors mean? in OV Valet
Mar 15th 22

There are different LEDs for the Valet depending on what you are doing with it: Charging Blinking RedThe battery is low"Amber" (Half Red, Half Green)The battery is approximately at half-chargeBlinking ...

Can I use my rewards with other brands? in OV Rewards
Mar 9th 22

Rewards can only be redeemed with the brand you received them from.

Can I redeem my rewards for cash? in OV Rewards
Mar 9th 22

No, you cannot redeem your rewards balance(s) for cash.

What if my purchase exceeds my rewards? in OV Rewards
Mar 9th 22

Your rewards will still be applied to your purchase! You will just have to cover the remaining balance.

Do I need to buy an OV Valet for every brand I use? in OV Rewards
Mar 9th 22

You do not need to purchase a Valet for each individual brand. You don't even need to purchase a Valet to take advantage of these rewards programs and campaigns! All you need to do is sign up for a ...