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How do I link Pandora to my OV?

Get OV up and running quickly with these easy to follow instructions: To use Amazon Alexa on OV, make sure to follow Step 7 of the OV Getting Started guide. Don’t have an Amazon account? Sign up for free now: Be sure to also download the Amazon Alexa mobile app: You will…Read more

OV App Permissions

iOS devices On iOS, you are prompted by a dialogue box whenever OV app requests a new permission, which you can either allow or deny. In some cases, it is necessary for you to grant OV certain permissions to take advantage of a feature. Microphone access Used when accessing Amazon Alexa, OV requests this permission….Read more

Do I have to use the OnVocal app to use OV?

The OV app is the perfect companion to access all the services of your OV, we suggest that you leave the app operational while operating the headphones. On Android, a background service runs on the device to monitor button press and activity, such as pressing the Alexa button.

My headset is paired, but cannot connect to OnVocal app

Note: On Android devices, you may need to configure ‘Use’ settings for OV, ensure that ‘Call audio’ and ‘Media audio’ are both enabled. Check that your headphones is powered on. Check that your headphones is paired to your device. Does your device appear in the ‘Select An Accessory’ option in the OnVocal app. Try restarting…Read more