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We are a payments enablement platform for “Everywhere Commerce”

From instant issuance of credit into a digital wallet for immediate use, to the ability to more fully engage with your customers wherever they are, to the ability to request and accept immediate payments everywhere, online and in-person, OV Loop helps you create new revenue, improve customer relationships / loyalty and increase profits. 

The challenge: All of us want frictionless and secure commerce experiences with the brands & businesses that serve us. But far too often we’re frustrated by legacy technologies & experiences that damage those relationships instead of strengthen them… from the legacy cards we still carry, use, and replace when skimmed or expires; to the legacy terminals we still have to swipe or insert our cards into during COVID; to the legacy web/app checkouts we painfully key our real card or bank account numbers into, over and over again; to the legacy supports calls we wait on hold for, to reach understaffed agents working from home and taking our payment data over the phone.  Why can’t we have a solution that provides easier and safer commerce experiences for everyone (iOS & Android users), to store all our credentials, that works everywhere (in stores, online, in app, in message, via calls, IVR…) to not only transact, but to interact seamlessly with brands that want to build great relationships with us?

The solution: OV Loop is exactly this kind of solution with its patented Everywhere-Commerce platform built by proven fintech innovators who started Samsung Pay, LoopPay, Roam Data and Hypercom.  It consists of a cloud based universal wallet & communicator app, with a brandable Bluetooth super cards called Valet, for safe and secure touchless payment at 94% of all shops & restaurants, even older magstripe only terminals; and a brandable 1-Tap or Handsfree digital collections & chat support tool called Concierge, for businesses to get paid faster with better customer satisfaction. We help brands deliver superior commerce experiences to improve customer relationships, loyalty & profits.

Industries we serve

OV Platform™

OV Concierge Pay™

OV Concierge Chat™

OV Everywhere Wallet™

OV Valet™


Our foundations for Everywhere Commerce include significant innovations in payments, tokens, messaging, IoT/smart devices, communications, and much more.

The videos below show the consumer experience as they interact with some of our solutions that are now part of the broader ecosystem. Enjoy!

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