OV Rewards™

Your Own VIP Loop rewards program delivers immediate impact and doesn’t require any changes to your ecommerce or in-store POS systems

You can reduce time and money spent on complex payment, membership and rewards systems, while increasing your reach and lifetime customer value.

Give your customers instant access to rewards and support while shopping in-store and online, without having to change your point of sale or ecommerce checkout systems. OV Rewards will help you create more repeat sales and drive greater lifetime value. You can create cash back and percentage off rewards with your customers, while also gaining access to new customers in the growing OV Loop user base. It’s like being in a digital mall where each brand has their individual presence but all benefit from each other’s foot traffic.

It's an all-in-one rewards program that helps you drive sales, loyalty, and support.

Rewards offers can be pushed from any of your existing channels (like email, chats, etc) while also being published in the OV Loop platform with the following benefits:

  • Easy onboarding: The OV Rewards program is easily configured and each reward results in an intelligent link that carries with it the rewards offer. Customers receiving the link are directed to the OV Loop app, where they can easily join your brand’s Loop and then redeem your reward.
  • Easy deployment: The rewards are redeemed as cash or a percentage off via the OV Loop app with OV Wallet. You don’t have to change your point of sale (POS) system. It will accept the rewards with no changes needed.
  • User friendliness: Your customers will love the ease of using OV Rewards. Your reward amount appears in their digital wallet as available cash or a percentage off. They can be redeemed online through the wallet, or can be redeemed in person with a 1-tap mobile payment experience that customers prefer over managing codes and coupons. 
  • Ongoing customer engagement: Once customers are in your rewards Loop, it’s very easy to engage with them for their purchases or support needs, including 1-tap and hands free chat, and ongoing offers from any channel.
  • New reach: Once your brand creates a Loop, it will be discoverable by the growing list of OV users of the OV Wallet and OV Loop App
Increase your sales and reach while building loyalty with customers.

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