Faster & safer payment & messaging experiences virtually anywhere

OV Loop is the Everywhere-Commerce platform built by proven fintech innovators who started Samsung Pay, LoopPay, Roam Data and Hypercom.  It consists of a cloud based universal wallet & communicator app, with a brandable Bluetooth super cards called Valet, for safe and secure touchless payment at 94% of all shops & restaurants, even older magstripe only terminals; and a brandable 1-Tap or Handsfree digital collections & chat support tool called Concierge, for businesses to get paid faster with better customer satisfaction. 

We help brands deliver superior commerce experiences to improve customer relationships, loyalty & profits.

Concierge Collections & Support

Deliver a new level of commerce experience that will measurably increase revenues, and customer satisfaction with OV Concierge. Convert from expensive and fragmented collections and support methods to highly-efficient, lower cost, digital chat support with your customers, how and when they need you, from wherever they are.

Implement OV ConciergePay to get paid faster with better customer satisfaction. This easy, fast and safe way to interact and transact elevates your CSRs to income-generating roles as “concierge agents” who increase your commerce revenues, or “liquidity agents” who deliver improved cashflow and collections.

OV Loop™ Everywhere Wallet with Universal Contactless Valet Payment Experiences

Increase lifetime customer value with differentiated commerce experiences everywhere. OV Loop is a convenient digital container in the cloud and in an app to help consumers store all their credentials for use in the physical and remote world.  And within the wallet, consumers can use your card to pay easier and faster for remote bill payment and collections, and contact customer service with ease from virtually any channel.

You can enhance your brand awareness as your customers use an OV Valet payment device to tap and pay virtually everywhere, particularly when used at restaurants and places that don’t expect contactless payment to work today. The brandable Valet is 100% tokenized, more secure than swiping, and is accepted virtually everywhere(1) (even on old magstripe point of sale terminals).

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

Warren Buffett

(1) The OV Valet technology is accepted at 94% of point of sale locations in the U.S.  The remainder systems require full insertion of a card and/or are not compatible with the smaller size of the device.

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